Business Continuity Management (BCM)

NEED (The Customer problem/need resolved with this solution)
Security incidents are constantly increasing, whether in the context of global climate changes, progressively frequent large scale disasters, or political and economic turbulences resulting in catastrophic damages due to terrorist activities. In addition to the above mentioned hardly foreseeable threats, the organizational and technical infrastructure is subject to design and implementation weaknesses and vulnerability, which can be used to inflict damage. The above mentioned threats can target an increasingly broader range of activities, thus severely endangering stable and prosperous business activities, and organizational profitability and reputation. Hence, there are a progressive number of legislative, regulatory and professional regulations that prescribe the obligation of the establishment and maintenance of planned and tested activities as a demonstration of the organizational preparedness for large scale incidents. There is an inexhaustible need to protect critical business activities, i.e. to eliminate or reduce the risk of longer delays or complete work discontinuation.

It is important to mention the logical continuation to the maintenance of continuity of critical business activities, which includes the area of Disaster Recovery, DR. This area covers the reestablishment of working conditions and the organizational level of services as they were prior to the incident.

SOLUTION (What does the solution offer?)
Irrespective of the existence of planned and introduced or inherent Customer mechanisms, which provide continuity of specific business activities during unforeseeable events, the RECRO team of experts specialized in information and computer security, applying internationally recognized methodologies, uses a systematic approach to develop their proposal for security mechanisms for the continuity of critical business processes, which includes: identification of crucial processes and Business Impact Assessment (BIA), a deductive approach to corresponding documentation (the strategic plan development at the organizational level, tactical solutions for business processes, and resistance levels of IT resources), technical solutions to IT system improvement and its resistance and redundancy increase, and a variety of activities to raise Employee awareness and support for the business continuity management culture (the so-called in-house courses and courses at the specialized RECRO Education Center).

BENEFIT (What benefits does the Customer obtain from this solution?)
- Collateral damage prevention/reduction during the incident due to planned and tested measures of protection,
- Maintenance of the organizational financial solvency by prevention against substantial interruption of the financial flow due to business discontinuation,
- Maintenance of the high personnel morale, as a result of readiness and preparedness for threatening challenges,
- Avoidance of responsibility for the violation of the binding legal regulation in the aspects of business continuity,
- A positive response of the public and Third Parties (Partners, Clients) to effective contingency management mechanisms,
- Human Resources cost reduction, as it is not necessary to have permanently employed in-house specialists.

OUR ADVANTAGES (Why to use our solution?)
The holistic approach to business continuity management requires competitive coverage of a variety of IT security aspects, including formal policies and ordinances, optimum technical solutions and Employee awareness concerning the advantages of the project as a whole. The RECRO Security Department is comprised of internationally certified specialists from a number of involved domains, with practical experience gained from their engagement with Clients of different profiles. Other RECRO Employees, who are highly specialized in a number of IT system areas, use their know-how to provide their support during the implementation and maintenance of the measures for technical protection, and thus also their additional professional guarantees.

REQUIREMENTS (What requirements should the Customer fulfill?)
A confidentiality agreement. Contact with the persons in charge inside the organization (Board Members and business process/organizational units Managers).

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES (What products and services does the solution require and contain?)


- Documentation development (strategic and comprehensive plans for Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery),
- Development of a proposal for technical infrastructure enhancement,
- Organization of adequate training events and programs to raise Employees’ awareness.